6 Reasons to Take Gay Vacations in Malta

Malta’s main industry is tourism and with good reason. It has forever been drawing all kinds of visitors, who are after any of its many attractions. It has only recently made it to the gay travel destinations map, yet it certainly deserves to be up there, somewhere at the top of the list. Find out why Malta is ideal for gay vacations.

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1. Malta is gay friendly

Remarkably, Malta grants the most gay rights in all Europe, being among just five countries which give LGBT people equal constitutional rights. Malta is gay friendly and it is easy to enjoy gay life in Malta; use Gay Guide Malta to find your way around – Malta hosts a variety of gay friendly hotels, services and events.

2. It is an exotic island in the Mediterranean

Malta is a prime tourist destination and visitors soon discover why. The tiny exotic island in the Mediterranean deceivingly hides a wealth of interest and enjoyment for the visitor. The sea is sparkling (and perfect for diving), the coast is picturesque, the beaches are cosy and the weather is sweet. Historic walled cities and quaint village cores are still vibrant with tradition, while locals and visitors alike enjoy the easy good life that beautiful Malta and Gozo offer.

3. It is a cultural melting pot

Malta has been inhabited for at least 7,000 years and its location, less than 100 km south of Sicily, has often made it target of conquest. Malta may be an exciting new option for gay vacations, but visitors have been coming to these shores ever since transportation has existed. This melting pot of cultures has lead Malta to develop a rich and unique culture and language, and a history which is still evident to this day. Traditional local culture survives alongside contemporary cosmopolitan lifestyle in a harmonious diversity, making room also for the local gay scene. Discover the Top 10 Things to Do in Malta.

4. It prides itself of 7,000 years of history

From Megalithic temples older than Stonehenge to underground labyrinths of tombs, Malta’s prehistoric remains certainly deserve mention. Seven of these are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as is the entire 16th century capital city, Valletta, which is considered an open air museum. Actually, most of Malta’s towns and villages somehow contribute to its historic evidence, offering a tangible journey through time. The Grand Harbour, several museums and reenactment events are a delight even for those who are not usually turned on by history.

5. There is plenty of opportunity to have fungay vacation malta

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Photo by Christiano Vincenti @cevincenti

There is a lot to do and much to experience in Malta – do not be fooled by the small size of the islands! Diving in Malta is pretty big and there are several other ways to enjoy the deep blue, from kayaking to chartering a yacht. There are several attractions while nightclubs, bars, gigs, concerts, street festivals, theatre, wining and dining are all part of the deal. We recommend these top ten things to do in Malta.

6. Malta nightlife is vibrant

Malta nightlife is largely favoured by the locals’ seeming innate ability to make any party a great party. The Malta gay scene thrives, with special gay events happening at intervals, more frequently in the summer; check out our gay events calendar. There are two designated gay bars in Malta and two gay clubs, which are located in Paceville, Malta’s nightlife hotspots, which is rife with various clubs and bars, most of which are gay friendly.

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Gay vacations in Malta promise an easy, fun and interesting time, with something to relish for everyone. Discover gay friendly Malta, the upcoming gay travel destination.

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