Meeting other gay people in Malta is easy at Malta’s favourite gay clubs and gay bars.

The small island and, consequently, small gay community in Malta mean there are only a few designated gay clubs and gay bars in Malta. A market needs to be of a substantial size to make any business feasible, so the gay scene in Malta runs mainly on special gay events.

Gay clubs

LOLLIPOP – Party Series

Your Saturday Night Hyper Trashy Pop Discotheque LOLLIPOP is the love child creation from the brains of The Lollipop Kids which has taken the Maltese gay party scene by storm! Serving up a whole new clubbing experience, playing the campest, bubblegum pop with a mix of disco and house.

The Lollipop Photobooth is curated by Kris Micallef and the club night’s resident DJ is St John – a pop tart. Guest DJs include: Jodie Harsh (London), Dom Top (London), Tiffany, I.YOU.

Disclaimer: If you attended you’re leaving covered in glitter.

Connect: LOLLIPOP Facebook Page

Michelangelo Club Lounge

Michelangelo Lounge is the latest gay club designed in a state of art on two floors facilities.
Fully stocked bar, dance floor, lounge area, private area and special events.

Address:         Triq Santa Rita, San Giljan (Paceville)
Opening hours:     Wednesday to Sunday         22:00h-04:00h

Connect:        Michelangelo Club Facebook Page


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