Get in touch with the local gay community and find out more about how to make the most of travelling in and enjoying gay Malta

While Malta is increasingly gay friendly at a rapid pace and gay life in Malta affords almost equal rights (Malta grants the most gay rights in all Europe), there is little to be said about gay Malta as such. By this we mean that there are few places and events that are geared specifically towards gay people and this is partly due to the very small size of the island and, subsequently, gay community.

While Gay Malta may not offer a wide variety of choices of, gay friendly beaches, gay bars or gay clubs, there is a substantial gay community made up of both locals and foreigners who enjoy some sort of gay scene in Malta. It is important to note that Malta hosts a variety of gay friendly hotels, services and events.

Since there are very few designated gay oriented places, the gay community in Malta mostly mingles in the same places everyone else enjoys; the good news is that increasing social acceptance of gay rights and gay behaviour means that the gay community can.

Furthermore, Malta’s small size also means that networking within the gay community is easy. You can quickly make connections and discover the ins and outs on where to go, what to do, where to meet other gay people and how to make the most of gay Malta.

Gay Malta comes out to flaunt itself annually during the Gay Pride week. The local gay community truly takes pride in this event, which is attended by all. Supporters of equal rights and opportunities also attend the event, which is held in early June every year.

Get in touch with the local gay community and find out more about how to get involved in gay Malta by contacting these local NGOs and gay clubs:


ARC – Allied Rainbow Communities

Drachma LGBTI

Gender Liberation

LGBTI + Gozo

MGRM – Malta Gay Rights Movement

Bars & Clubs:

LOLLIPOP – Party series


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