Who likes being sick in bed?

The winter months are around the corner. Slowly some of us are catching the odd cold. As the days & nights start to get even cooler the odd cold can turn into the flu. Want a good tip on how to beat the winter bugs and avoid catching a cold or maybe the flu and ending up sick in bed for a couple of days? We all know that keeping active and staying fit makes you stronger and if you are failing this you spend a lot of time wondering why you are always exhausted. Those nasty bugs enjoy unhealthy people because their immune system is weak and prone to an attack. Bugs need a place to live.

Does training boost immunity?

Let us look at some statistics because they help us understand the reason we should act. Any of you reading this article and are honestly fit and active should not worry much. In one study of just 1000 people, those that were most fit were at risk of catching a cold 50% less than those who were not.

Secondly, the fit ones that did catch a cold suffered much less symptoms than those who were not fit.

Do you want to be prepared and reduce your chances of being sick this winter?

Don’t wait, because a nasty cold is not nice whatsoever and another reason from many, it pays you to keep active and strong. Your body was designed to move, take care of it and it will take care of you.

Curios in the ways how the body gets stronger and fights germs?

The most common way for us to catch nasty germs is from the air around us. A healthy body has healthy organs and our precious lungs need to be healthy. Quite simply, the lungs do many things one of which is filter the air.

No need to remind you, when the season is here, coughing will be the norm. Your body is trying to cleanse itself and the stronger and healthier your lungs are, then you stand a better chance.

Your lungs have what are called surfactants or lubricants which can trap germs. Along with your lungs are your white blood cells that “devour” bacteria. So, if you are in top shape your body, your organs and your blood are sure to help you fight the surge of germs during the flu season.

Want to understand even more why keeping fit makes you stronger and helps you fight germs?

Exercise decreases the stress hormones cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine helping improve your immune function. Too much stress as we know can make one sick.

Another thing is the fact that as you exercise, your body temperature increases, same as it does when you have a fever. During exercising, your body is also killing harmful organisms.

So, what would you prefer, a body that is not trained to fight harmful organisms leaving it vulnerable to an attack especially come the flu season.

How much exercise do you need?

This is a great question and we all know that everyone of us is not the same. Additionally, if one is going from no exercise and has decided to start exercising it is a great idea, but one should do it wisely. Exercise is fun, just like your car was designed to move so should you. Imagine the shape of your car engine if you keep it idle for a month, two or three months.

YUE is designed to make you want to exercise. HOW? YUE offers the following:



  • Fitness gym
  • Personal training
  • Bio Mechanics & Sports science
  • Performance testing
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Kids gym
  • Baby & kid’s classes
  • The Studio


  • 25m lap pool
  • Counter current pool
  • Hydrotherapy pool
  • Weight loss in water
  • Baby & toddler swimming lessons
  • Aqua mummies
  • Yue Kids swimming school


  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Piloxing
  • Zumba
  • Circuit training
  • Functional training 


Ma Owen u Clyde

This coming season be prepared, be fit and be ready when all those germs from many unhealthy bodies start to spread.

Take care of yourself and visit YUE so you can have fun with your body and get strong mentally & physically.

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