Is Malta gay friendly? Discover Malta’s general attitude towards the gay community and where it stands with regards gay rights.

Who would opt for discrimination and oppression if they could avoid it? Is Malta gay friendly?

The extent to which any place is considered gay friendly is subjective from person to person, ranging from no hostility to all embracing, so you’ll ultimately have to be the judge. Meanwhile, here’s the lowdown about gay rights in Malta and the attitudes you could expect within society towards LGBT community in Malta.

Increasing gay rights in Malta have had and continues to nurture a positive impact on how gay friendly Malta is within a social context. Awareness about gay rights and acceptance has increased in the lead up to a 2014 law; enabling same-sex civil unions. A 2016 poll demonstrated that 65% of Maltese are in favour of same-sex marriage, a huge rise from just 18% in 2006.

Malta has introduced equal marriage, a liberal new gender recognition law, a ban on gay ‘cure’ therapy and pioneering protections for intersex people.. In 2018, Malta earned first place in the International Lesbian-Gay Association’s ‘Rainbow Europe’s league for LGBT rights by granting 91% of total rights.

While you will find the majority of people are very tolerant or even enjoy the revolution, some are still resistant. Among those who resist are the older generations and the overtly religious; still, they will not directly demonstrate hostility or insults (this was banned nationwide in 2004).

Having said all this, Malta is a country known for its hospitality and you can rest assure that all businesses, events and services listed in the Gay Friendly Directory have been hand picked to assure an equal rights service.

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