Two brothers named Bruno and Sergio Costa started Costa Coffee in London’s Lambeth in 1971, with a wholesale coffee business in Newport Street. The Costa Coffee Roastery is still there today.

Costa Coffee controls the process from start to finish, from the sourcing of beans right through to storing, blending, roasting, grinding and pouring – no one else is involved. It uses its very own blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans called Mocha Italia. Arabica beans give that delicate, fruity, citrus flavour while Robusta beans lend a more powerful earthy, chocolate-type of flavour adding body to the espresso.

The beans are slowly roasted in traditional Italian-Style drum roasters, in hot air with no flames or direct heat in batches of around 300kg and at temperatures between 200 – 240C for between 18 and 22 minutes. This is slower than flame-roasting and more costly but gives much better quality.

Costa Coffee sources its beans from the world’s most notable coffee-growing regions and is committed to helping coffee growing communities and the environment. That’s why all of its coffee comes from sustainably grown beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. These farms must ensure that the people who grow the coffee and the land they grow it on are carefully supported and sustained. So when you choose Costa Coffee you are also doing your bit for coffee growers and their communities.

Every cup of Costa coffee is freshly ground daily to exactly the right consistency, to ensure the perfect flavour and aroma. This is not an automatic or mechanical process. All Costa baristas are highly trained to make the perfect espresso every time with speed and precision, flair and creativity. Coffee is an art and Costa Coffee’s baristas are artisans. Have a look at our menu and find your favourite treat.

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Costa Coffee in Malta

  • The Point Shopping Complex, Sliema – Level -2 – +356 2060 1210
  • Balzan, 1, Birbal Street – +356 2144 5386
  • The Embassy Shopping Complex, Valletta – +356 2122 3020
  • Bay Street Shopping Complex – Level 1 – +356 2137 8748
  • Marsaxlokk – +356 2165 3760
  • Spinola Bay, St. Julian’s – +356 2137 4593
  • Malta International Airport

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