GoTo Vehicle Sharing in Malta and Gozo

Access over 195 cars available around Malta and Gozo, ready to get you wherever you need. With GoTo, you pay as you go. All our rates include insurance, battery charge or fuel and parking costs!

You can start using our service today! No difficult registration process; just sign up, download the app and start using car sharing in Malta and Gozo.

You can choose from our One-way and Roundtrip service, check out our plans. We also offer tailored-made Business Packages for Small, Medium and Large Businesses


Do you have a journey you need to take immediately? We’ve got you covered.

One-way is awesome for short trips, like going to the airport, to the ferries or going to work.

With One-Way, you can instantly get a car and pay as low as €0.28 per minute on the Standard Plan or Pre-Paid Tourist Package.


The ideal solution for planned journeys. Great for holiday trips to the beach, business meetings, or just running errands and collecting goods.

Book up to 3 months ahead of your planned journey!

GoTo Roundtrips are great for going shopping, sightseeing, heading to meetings or whenever you need a car for a longer period.

You can pay as low as €7 per hour for a car or €56 to have it for a full day (plus €0.05 per km) on the Standard Plan or Pre-Paid Tourist Package.

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