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If you’re reading this, you’re probably planning your big day.  Your character, your personality is what your partner fell in love with, and it’s also what your wedding should portray.

At Modern Kicks Event Planning , it’s all about delivering unique experiences for our clients. Just as each person is different, our aim is to create weddings and events that are different every time.

Some weddings are like all the rest.  Yours, however should be unique.

Wedding themes are one of the things you’d probably scoff at, at first, but they’re actually crucial. Your wedding theme will create that unique experience both for you and your guests.

Themes can vary according to your liking.  Examples include Vintage Weddings, Rustic ones, Beach Weddings and anything in between.  The theme is what ties everything together, and it can actually help make some of the decisions easier – from the invitations to the bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers to the food to the ideal venue and ultimately to the colour palette, décor and why not … also the honeymoon destination!

It is, therefore, important to first understand what theme/style of wedding you want, before making any bookings.

This is why it’s good to speak with a professional from the very beginning. When the theme/style of wedding desired is identified, anything else will simply fall in place.

Often times, a wedding style is an adjective- modern, elegant, vintage, rustic, etc. When you hear such words, you think of a particular aesthetic, right? It’s because a wedding style is what defines a wedding’s look and feel and ultimately your style.

Finding a wedding theme that’ll suit you and your partner is something only experienced professionals can do.

Hence, as soon as that Will you marry me? moment occurs, the first decision you need to take is if it’s a Yes 🙂

The second decision is your wedding theme. Before you invest in a date, venue, gowns or invitations, it is important to know what type of wedding theme suits best your partner and yourself. So how should you go about deciding on your wedding theme? Simply have a chat with Us to discuss the list of endless options available. Your wedding will be memorable for all the right reasons!

Send us an email or call us on +356 9999 0861 and start planning your dream wedding.


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