The Lodge Boutique Hotel

Once up the ancient steps of one of the oldest streets in this city, prepare to soak up the charm of this 16th century house and let yourself go into this authentic Maltese home built by a knight of the Holy Order of St John in circa 1580. Each of the six rooms have been individually designed to infuse elegance with comfort and luxury with tranquillity. Guest spaces have been meticulously upgraded to combine antiquity with modern design thus making this place feel like a home away from home.

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“Different rooms, different people, different story”

To celebrate their lavish lifestyle, we have decided to honour the mighty Knights by dedicating each room to their Grandmasters. However, we wanted to give this a more contemporary feel and instead of the known surnames of the leaders of the Order, we decided to go for their first name:

  • PHILIPPE 1530: The brilliant white and azure blue of this room reminds us of the houses in Greece. The greek island of Rhodes was the Knights of St John’s last home before moving to Malta in 1530. This room pays homage to first Grandmaster in Malta Villiers de L’Isle-Adam while the 42 mirrors above the super comfort bed represent the number of Grandmasters of the Order before they came to Malta.
  • CLAUDE 1553: This highly elegant room is named after Grand Master de la Sengle who lent his name to the neighbouring city of Senglea. Staying in this room gives a sense of royalty with the perfect selection of warm blues and browns with gold details. Get ready to doze off in a super comfort bed and enjoy freshen up in the ensuite’s spacious rain shower.
  • JEAN 1557: A comfort suite named after the Order’s most acclaimed Grand Master Parisot de la Valette who fought the fiercy Great Siege of 1565. The high-arched ceiling room boasts a freestanding bathtub and a separate ensuite toilet room. The room’s super comfy bed is overseen by an original painting of the nearby Fort St Angelo, the location where this battle was fought.
  • HUGUES 1581: Our purple room remembers de Loubens Verdalle, the 51st Grandmaster of the Holy Order of St John. This confined room is a master of cosiness and elegance under the auspices of the capital Valletta. The stone colour of its private bathroom down the entrance of the hotel reminds us of the mighty bastion walls of the City of The Knights.
  • ANTOINE 1623: The sharpness of the strict black and white is softened by the shades of yellow in this room which boasts original wooden beams in its ceiling. It’s character is enriched with the smaller-than-usual door leading to an ensuite shower. Named after Grand Master De Paule, this stylish room is surely worth a try.
  • NICOLAS 1663: Two colours. Seven mirrors. One cosy room. This teal & rust room represents the sea which surrounds us and the line of fortifications which Grandmaster Cotoner started to built around the cities of Cospicua, Vittoriosa and Senglea. The seven mirrors in the room represent the number of auberges the Knights built in the neighbouring city of Birgu as soon as the Order settled in Malta. 

Our mission is to provide unique experiences for unique individuals. We strive to exceed the expectations of our guests through a committed level of personalisation at the highest standards in accommodation and service as we incorporate the charm, legacy and history of our property and its surroundings.



145, Matty Grima Street, Cospicua BML 1161, Malta


The Lodge Boutique Hotel

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