You may think a company like Durex only cares about sex, but that’s not true. Our products, in fact, are there to bring people together and to allow them to lose themselves in the moment without worrying. In other words, what we do isn’t just sell products to make sex better but that make love between people easier and safer.FullSizeRender [4106397]

gay, malta, pride, lgbt, equalityHaving said that, we’re sad to say that not everyone wants others to be or feel safe. Just a few weeks ago, our hearts were broken by the slaughter of 49 LGBTIQ people in a club in Orlando. A few days later, however, our hearts were warmed by millions of people pledging their support, and many others walking in the victims’ memory.

Closer to home, and on top of the vigil to remember what happened in Orlando, Malta also saw the 2016 Pride March take place in Valletta. This brightly coloured and fun parade turned Valletta into a rainbow of a city – but beneath the balloons, the floats and and the placards, is a truth that not everyone is willing to acknowledge: we are not yet equal.

So remember in yourFullSizeRender [4106391] day-to-day life, as you do when you read about tragedies like the one in Orlando unfolding, that every person is someone’s child and someone’s friend; every person is just trying to make the most of the life that they’ve been given; every person is the same… Equally important, equally struggling, equally deserving of love.

Be proud of who you are – no matter where you come from, which sex you are attracted to, and whether you fit into society’s ‘norms’ or not. The world is a more beautiful place because of you – and that’s the most amazing thing you can give the world.

So, from all of us here at Durex and NM Arrigo… Peace out!


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