Malta is an attractive, easy and accessible option for your dream lesbian wedding. Organise your wedding in a unique location.

You both said “yes” and you are ready to prepare for your ideal lesbian wedding. You want it to be special; it is your big day. Whether this means having all your family and friends present or going away for a destination wedding, Malta is now on your map.

Gay or lesbian marriage in Malta is now to all effects and purposes the same as marriage between a man and a woman. A civil union legislation had come into place in 2014 and this has been amended to full fledged same-sex marriage legislation in 2017. Gay and lesbian marriage to all effects carries all the rights and obligations outlined in state laws regarding marriage in Malta.

Malta is a unique location for your lesbian wedding. Bear in mind that same-sex weddings cannot be held in a church, however there are several stunning venue options available. Malta offers a large variety of backdrops for your wedding ceremony and reception: historic architecture, gardens and seascapes are all within your reach.

Do you dream of your lesbian marriage as a luxurious summer evening under the stars in the gardens of a historic palazzo, or perhaps as a memorable reception on a boat as you cruise around the islands? The possibilities are many, but without knowing your options, how can you begin to organise your dream lesbian wedding? Wedding planners in Malta are experienced in discovering your personality and making suggestions that are ideal for your taste and budget.

Malta has become an attractive, easy and accessible destination for your lesbian wedding. Whether you are part of the local gay and lesbian community or foreign same-sex couples wishing to get married in Malta, several gay friendly wedding planners offer their services to same-sex couples.

Get married in Malta and leave the planning and organising to a wedding planner. Then you can concern yourself only with the enjoyable parts leading up to your big day, or skip straight to a most memorable wedding day, which you will cherish for a lifetime!

View the full list of wedding planners specialising in gay marriage and lesbian weddings in Malta.

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