Gay marriage in Malta is an attractive, easy and accessible option. Get married in Malta and have the gay wedding you want.

The proposal was special, the engagement is a dream and you want the big day to be memorable. You are ready to begin your gay marriage planning and now Malta is on the map, whether you want a big affair with your family and friends, or to elope for an intimate destination gay wedding.

Gay marriage in Malta is now to all effects and purposes the same as marriage between a man and a woman. The civil union legislation of 2014 has been amended in 2017 so that same-sex marriage carries the same rights and obligations outlined in state laws regarding marriage in Malta.

The variety of locations for your gay wedding ceremony and reception – historic architecture, gardens and seascapes – certainly compensate for the inability to hold same-sex weddings in a church. A banquet in the gardens of a historic palazzo with two kings under a starry sky is a realisable dream, your dream come true … whatever your dream gay marriage may be.
Dare to dream the impossible, for it may just be possible. Wedding planners in Malta know how to make suggestions that match your taste and budget.

Several gay friendly wedding planners offer  their services to same-sex couples in the local gay and lesbian community as well as foreign same-sex couples wishing to get married in Malta, while others specialise exclusively on same-sex weddings.

Gay marriage in Malta has become an attractive, easy and accessible opportunity few have been able to enjoy as yet (due to its recent introduction), however many more are sure to follow! Get married in Malta and trust the wedding planner to handle planning and organising your big day, so that you can both relax and focus on enjoying the most memorable day of your lives!

View the full list of wedding planners specialising in gay marriage and lesbian weddings in Malta.

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