Looking for the top gay beaches in Malta to enjoy some fun in the sun? Discover gay friendly beaches in Malta. Just add sun cream

Sorry to disappoint you, but there are no designated gay beaches in Malta. However, all Malta beaches can be considered to be gay friendly. Furthermore, there are a few particular beaches towards which gay people tend to gravitate so, although unofficial, they are the places to go to.

Most of the sandy beaches are located in the north of the island, but rocky beaches should not be underrated, since they offer excellent snorkeling opportunities, with great visibility even in the height of summer. Several Malta beaches have acquired a Blue Flag status, which guarantees a level of safety and service. Secluded beaches are hard to get to, but worth the effort.

In fact, if any Malta beaches could be considered gay beaches, it is the secluded ones that tend to attract the gay community. Nudists also gravitate towards these beaches, although nudism is illegal and carries hefty fines.

Riviera Bay (Għajn Tuffieħa) – Join the club in a beautiful setting

gay, beaches, gay, guide, maltaWalk to the end of the main beach towards the smaller secluded beach located at the left of the cove. This easy-to-get-to secluded beach attracts nudists and gays in Malta and, although unofficial, here they tend to be left undisturbed by the authorities.

Ġnejna bay – Take a boat to privacy

Head to the right of the sandy beach and continue along the limestone and clay hills to more secluded spots. A boat service also takes you to “Il-blata,” a natural flat outcrop at sea level, or the beach beyond it, at the foot of the clay hills. The latter can also be reached from Riviera Bay along a rough trek. This beach is very popular with the gay community because it also enjoys relative privacy and is left undisturbed due to its inaccessible location.

Ras il-Qarraba – Reignite your sense of adventure

The head that divides these two beaches on the west of the island is the best known attraction for gay sea lovers. The fallen rocks provide several opportunities for complete privacy, except for the odd trekker who may stumble upon you. If you are alone, you may meet other like-minded people in this area.

Fomm ir-Riħ, Baħrija – Trek to a secluded paradise

This beach is very secluded. There is no public transportation available and reaching the beach involves a fifteen-minute trek down a rugged path, but this pebble beach is well worth the effort to get away from weekend crowds in the summe
r and to enjoy almost complete privacy.

Mġiebaħ, Srsz_malta-beaches-mgiebah-selmun-bayelmun – Discover a hidden secret

This gorgeous sandy beach follows the same logic as the previous one, only it faces north whereas all the others mentioned so far are westerly facing and also offer great sunsets. This beach is largely unfrequented due to its inaccessibility so, if you’re lucky, you may have the beach to yourselves. You will need a car or a taxi to get to this one too.

All of these proposed gay beaches are not served with facilities, so be sure to take plenty of water, food, a hat and sun-cream! An umbrella may be optional but highly recommended, or simply avoid the hot middle hours of the day.


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