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I am a Hungarian girl living in Malta. One day I have decided to establish a Gay Travel Guide to fight against homophobia and promote equal rights. Since Malta is a 99% catholic country with more than 350 churches on 315 km2, so homosexuality is not something we can talk about openly without seeing eyebrows going sky high, especially in case of the older generation. Fortunately, the new generations and the government are open minded and modern enough, therefore same sex marriages are legal on the islands. On a hot summer day under the cool shower I was thinking about how I could contribute to the society and what business should I start. It hit me like lightening.. I should create a gay travel guide for this beautiful country! Like hitting 2 birds with the same stone, homosexual tourists will know which are the places where they are more than welcome and it hopefully wakes up local business owners and we can fight together for a better and more tolerant world. Thanks for reading the story of GayGuideMalta.com.

More info: gayguidemalta.com



Fight for equality

Sun, Fun, Sea – Malta

Article Source: BoredPanda.com

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