People love to exercise and work to get in shape. At YUE we have an experienced and certified team that is ready to listen and help our clients advance properly in order to keep fit. The reality is that all people have different requirements so one cannot expect the same results as their friend let alone their brother or sister. Let’s not forget, our body is like a machine and sometimes even twins have different body requirements.

Fortunately at YUE we are aware that a lot of those amazing talking machines with moving legs require attention. YUE has personal trainers available at all times to support people during their workout or those individuals that are lost and are just starting out. There is never the wrong time to get back into shape but do it properly and don’t guess what exercises work best for you. The YUE team is here to listen.
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Another reason we offer support at YUE is due to the variety of facilities available. The YUE fitness and personal training gym concept has an array of equipment available. For those who love water they can choose from our 25m LAP POOL, hydrotherapy pool as well as counter current pool. Exercising in clean and warm water will let you get fit and go home or back to work refreshed. Whatever you decide to get back in shape, YUE ACTIVE and YUE AQUATIC provide the option of getting support from one of our personal trainers.

Our personal trainers come from diverse backgrounds as athletes, sports celebrities and some of have experienced their own issues with their body and are today helping people get healthy, get fit in order to succeed at their dream physique. Variety is the spice of life and at YUE we are happy to help toddlers, youngsters, adults, mature adults big or small because your body deserves the best.YUE, fitness, gym, personal, trainer, gay, gay friendly, workout, lgbt, gay guide malta

Finally, YUE fitness and personal training keeps our customers coming back because of the dedication from our team.
A personal trainer with the experience and education helps give comfort to our clients knowing that we understand them.

  • Provide guidance on reaching your goals.
  • Motivate you in order to stay on track.
  • Support you in ¬†understanding your strengths & weaknesses.¬†
  • Help you determine the correct exercises to follow.¬†
  • Share their wealth of experiences to help you improve yourself.
  • Achieve your goals faster.

Don’t take your body for granted, YUE fitness and personal training can help you in many ways. Losing weight is just one of the many ways our personal trainers can help you revitalise yourself. The benefits of YUE fitness and personal training will help you regain your strength not just in the summer but all year long.

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YUE, fitness, gym, personal, trainer, gay, gay friendly, workout, lgbt, gay guide malta


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