We’re probably best known for our contraceptives, but here at Durex we also put a lot of effort into making sex more fun – and that’s why we have developed an awesome range of lubes to satisfy your every need and every character!


Durex Play Feel Water-Based Gel Lube offers 100ml of pure, slippery fun that can be easily washed off. There are no walks of shame here; just fun in its most unadulterated state, making it perfect for couples, and for those looking for a night of fun with no strings attached. Also available in 50ml Saucy Strawberry and Cheeky Cherry flavours!

Durex Play Warming Lube will heat things up in the bedroom – or on the kitchen counter – in no time. And its 50ml format means you can carry it with you in your manbag or purse, so get ready to live out your wildest fantasies.

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Durex Play Sensual 2-in-1 Massage Lube is the ultimate party-starter. Rub it on your partner’s skin as you seductively get them tingling and begging for more, and use it as a lubricant when you get the call to action. This will make a great addition to your sexual paraphernalia, or use it to spice things up again with your SO!

Durex Play Aloe Vera Flavoured Lube is as silky smooth as your pick-up lines. With a nine-on-10 rating that couples using this actually have better sex, you have to experience its power to believe it. So grab a 60ml bottle and turn your Saturday night in into a sensual experience that keeps you up till dusk. Also available in Cheeky Cherry flavour!

gay, malta, gay guide malta, gay travel, gay holidayDurex Play Tingling Gel Lube’s zingy action will have you gagging for more within seconds – in fact, it’s great for a passionate spur-of-the-moment sex session, or for a night of edging and teasing… Trust us, this should be in every adventurous type’s bedside drawer.

But don’t forget (!): lubes and massage gels are not substitutes for condoms and don’t contain spermicide. In fact, these lubes should be used together with our condom to ensure you stay safe, while having a great time.

So, go on, get yourself ready for a night of passionate, frictionless fun!

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