Mvintage – A Maltese brand with strong values


Mvintage started with a dream. A dream that turned into one of Malta’s leading jewellery brands. Just like all dreams, hard work is required to turn them into reality and Mvintage’s success is a true testament. Building a business from the ground up is no easy feat but Krystle Penza kept persevering despite the challenges faced and that drive, and passion is what turned Mvintage into a household name.

mvintage, malta, lgbt, pride, gay, jewelry

Krystle Penza – Mvintage Founder


Female empowerment lies at the very heart of the brand. It is one of the main values alongside heritage and fashion. Mvintage jewellery is more than just pretty designs and colours. Each piece, whether it’s a pendant, earring, or ring, strives to make women feel empowered. An empowered woman can empower other people. It is like a ripple effect within the community. Women can support other women, but an empowered woman can also empower other individuals and that includes the LGBTIQ+ community.

mvintage, malta, lgbt, pride, gay, jewelry

Men`s Collection

Another important element is Maltese heritage. Heritage is fused with fashion and transformed into modern, wearable jewellery.

mvintage, malta, lgbt, pride, gay, jewelry

Il-Muftieħ Collection

Many aspects of Maltese heritage have been used as inspiration for multiple collections. Il-Munita collection was inspired by old Maltese coins. Il-Ħabbata collection was derived from old Maltese door knockers and the latest Il-Muftieħ collection was inspired from old Maltese brass keys.

mvintage, malta, lgbt, pride, gay, jewelry

Malta Pride 2021 Pendant

At Mvintage inclusivity is important. Everyone is equal and we celebrate everyone no matter their skin colour, ethnicity, sexuality, shape, size and so on. Our jewellery is a celebration of all of that! No matter where you come from and what you look like, Mvintage jewellery will empower you to be the best version of yourself and love yourself the way you are.

Let us all come together to celebrate the rainbow!

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