Sex is like art. You don’t just ‘do’ it, you have to create it by expressing yourself and letting your personality shine through. And, just like when you’re creating a masterpiece, you need to have the right equipment and supplies to be able to do so confidently and in a manner that will ensure the most pleasurable outcome.

That’s why here, at Durex, we’ve created a range of items that fit every personality, so you can let the real you shine through – whether you’re holidaying here in Malta or getting ready to rumble at home.

The Pleasure Seeking Typegay, condom, durex, malta, travel, holiday, condom

Perfect for people who love thrills and who are always looking for something to give them an adrenaline rush. Those who would paint abstract figures, and who watch Pink Flamingoes on a quiet Sunday afternoon. They are the go-getters, the trend-setters, the ones who push the boundaries so far, you forget they ever existed.

Their tailor-made Products: Use Tickle Me ribbed condoms, Excite Me dotted condoms or the Durex Love Box Pleasure Condoms (pack of three) to bring a new dimension to your sex life while achieving the ultimate level of satisfaction. And then, to achieve unmatched excitement, use Extended Pleasure Lubricant to slide into heaven.


The Cautious Typegay, travel, malta, holiday, durex, condom

They’re the analysts. The ones who only take calculated risks. People who think before they speak, and consider other people’s emotions before they act. They are conservative, but their brains work in overload. They are the ones you seek advice from, and the ones you’d trust blindly.

Their tailor-made Products: Use our Extra Safe (extra lubricated, thicker) condoms to enjoy sex to the full. They come in packs of 14 and 24 – so you can let go for the whole night, but still feel super safe.

The Committed Type

They believe in themselves and in the things they do. They see something and know if it’s right or wrong instantaneously. They can be codependent, but they are also carefree. They’gay, travel, malta, holiday, durex, condomre the sweet
talkers, the charmers, the romantics. The ones who seek comfort but also offer it freely. They’re your best friend with benefits, your lover and your partner.

Their tailor-made Products: Use Ultra Thin or Feel Thin condoms to feel every bit of pleasure while still protecting yourself. Change them often, but wear them with pride.

Sex is meant to be enjoyed, so don’t be afraid to lose yourself in the moment. Just remember to protect yourself while in the process.



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gay, travel, malta, holiday, durex, condom

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