Call us hedonists, but we believe that pleasure is what drives life and keeps us sane. That feeling we get when we buy something we’ve wanted for ages; the serenity of being on a boat out at sea with nothing but the sun, the sky, and great friends to keep us company; that indescribable feeling of waking up in the arms of someone we love and are infatuated with – that’s what life’s about. That’s what we live for.

Malta being promoted for gay travel

But we also understand that we need to keep ourselves safe while having a good time: not everything out there is strictly fun and games, you know? So we leave the home of a conquest before the break of dawn to save ourselves the hassle of awkward small talk; we keep the receipt just in case what we bought is faulty; and we wear condoms to make sure we stay healthy and keep others in safe in the process, too.


See, life is a game of balancing things: work and play, speaking and listening, loving and being loved, having fun and being careful. Reaching that balance means that we’re living life to the full, and with this Durex blog, we want to help take you on a journey that will, hopefully, help you reach that balance as well.

So make sure you drop by every now then, read our tips for a better, healthier and safer love life, discover new things about yourself, about Malta, about gay life here on the island, and about Durex – and make sure you arm yourself with the knowledge needed to enjoy life to the full, safely.

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