Going on holiday? Don’t forget these essentials!

We’re notkeep-calm reinventing the wheel when we say that travelling is the only thing you buy that actually makes you richer. The joy of getting on a plane or a boat and ending up in a foreign land with a culture, a people, a language and a history that so different to yours is exhilarating. But, let’s be honest, how many times do you get there and think: Crap! How could I have forgotten that?

Well, here’s a checklist so it never happens to you again!

The Uber-Important Stuff

Let’s start from the obvious… Don’t forget to check in, print your boarding passes, and pack your passport, money, credit cards and Internet banking key (if you’ve got one). Also, have you checked whether you’ll require a visa to enter the country? Do you need your European Health Insurance Card? Should you have taken any jabs? These are the vital stats to consider before going anywhere.

A City Guidebook

Yes, the Internet is a wonderful thing, but roaming charges can be astronomical and you may not be able to connect to Wi-Fi at all times. Take a city guidebook with to find out more about the places you visit. Most of them also come with restaurant recommendations and simple phrases, so you can roam the city like a native.


Phone? Check. Laptop? Check. Tablet. Check. Hair straighteners? Check. But how are you going to power them if the plug doesn’t fit the socket? Google the country and the plug they use there, and make sure you have the right adapter!

Durex Condoms & Lubeextra-safe

You meet a hot foreigner, you’re on holiday, and you want to get down to business. Why say no (if you want to say yes, that is) or spend months worrying about an STI or pregnancy? Pack Durex condoms and lube, and be prepared for any steamy eventuality!

A Book

When abroad, we tend to spend more time travelling or being idle at coffee shops or parks – and it’s always at this point in time that we go: I wish I had a good book to read. Whether you’re an e-book person, an actual book person or a Vogue-from-the-airport person, take some good pages to turn.


Headaches, heartburn, mosquito bites, sunburn… Why let any of these ruin your holiday when you have a cure sitting in your medicine cabinet?

Sunscrersz_travel-packing-tipsen or Raincoat

Google the weather at your final destination and pack clothes and other miscellaneous stuff (like umbrellas, raincoats, sunscreen, boots, coats) accordingly. Once again, be ready
for anything – there’s nothing worse than a flash flood when you’re standing there in flip-flops!

Have a safe and fun trip!

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