Malta is the upcoming gay travel destination and here’s why

Let’s face it: not all destinations promise a fun visit for gays. Even the slightest hint of antagonism can mar one’s experience at a destination that is otherwise wonderful in so many ways. When you go on a gay vacation, you want a gay travel destination.

A gay travel destination is gay friendly, both in terms of social acceptance as well as statutory rights, allowing gays to be themselves comfortably and offering the security of  legal rights in areas that concern them.

In Malta, an already very popular travel destination, an evolvement in both social awareness and gay rights is evident, where each influenced the other to cause a remarkably quick change in the status quo. This change has placed Malta right there at the top of the gay travel destinations map. Find out how and why. 

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1. Malta is gay friendly

Malta is generally gay friendly, more so in recent years due to changing laws and increasing social awareness. Discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal and the general attitude towards the LGBT community is largely favourable.

The majority of local people are open minded and many even enjoy the revolution, however the older generations and the overtly religious may be still resistant. Generally, however, social acceptance and gay rights are improving all the time and gay life in Malta is easy-going.

2. Malta grants the most gay rights in all Europe

It was the introduction of civil union between same sex couples in June 2014 that paved the way for a remarkable revolution. Malta has since not only become an ideal gay travel destination but also the prime place to live for the gay community in Europe.

Until 2014, Malta ranked only 11th place in ILGA-Europe’s ranking, granting just 57% of total rights. Nowadays, remarkably, Malta grants the most gay rights in all Europe, granting 88% of all rights. Furthermore, it is among just five countries which give LGBT people equal constitutional rights, while adding protection from any discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

3. Gays can get married in Maltagay travel destination, gaycation, malta, lgbt, gay friendly, gay guide malta

Gay marriage and lesbian wedding tourism is also booming in Malta since the law enabling civil union between same-sex couples was introduced in June 2014. Civil union between same-sex couples is equal to marriage in all but name, including all rights and obligations. Furthermore, there is intention to amend the civil union legislation of 2014 to same-sex marriage, or gay marriage.

Malta has been a wedding destination for decades and several wedding planners are expert at organising dream destination weddings in Malta. Several gay friendly wedding planners offer their services to same-sex couples in the local gay and lesbian community as well as foreign same-sex couples wishing to get married in Malta, while others specialise exclusively on same-sex weddings.

4. Gay Guide Malta shows you the way

gay travel destination, gaycation, malta, lgbt, gay friendly, gay guide malta

Use Gay Guide Malta to find your way around gay Malta. Malta hosts a variety of gay friendly hotels, services and events and all businesses, events and services listed in the Gay Friendly Directory have been hand-picked to assure an equal rights service.

Malta is a country known for its hospitality and Gay Guide Malta was created in 2015 to meet the needs of the gay community wishing to travel to or live in Malta. Gay Guide Malta has been endorsed by the Malta Tourism Authority as the official gay travel guide to Malta.

Malta may be a relatively new addition to the gay travel destinations map, but it is here to stay. Be a pioneer, explore, discover and enjoy it before the word gets out!

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